Becoming Ginger Rogers


Early Praise & Reviews

“This is such a great analogy…how performing fearlessly in the ballroom world can impact one’s courage and perspective in the business world. Patrice Tanaka’s inspiring memoir about the lessons she learned on the dance floor and how she applied them to her life and career is a joy to read.”

Chairman and chief creative officer, McCann New York and author of Seducing the Boy’s Club

“PR executive Patrice Tanaka writes in graceful, lively prose of her transformation from the depressed, repressed, perfectionist known at work as the ‘Ayatollah Tanaka’ to a ballroom champion she thinks of as ‘SambaGrl.’ Tanaka’s toe-tapping tale of how she awakens to the rhythms of her body and learns to dance through her mistakes – at work as well as in the ballroom – shines with inspiration. It may even send you off to buy a sequined dress and some Ginger Rogers shoes of your own.”

Best-selling author, The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life

“Becoming Ginger Rogers… is about performing full-out and fearlessly in the ballroom world and adopting that approach to great success in the business world. As her client of more than a decade, I can vouch for that being the case. Patrice has written a joyful and inspiring memoir about the lessons learned from competitive ballroom dancing that have helped her to a richly rewarding business and personal life.”

president, Charles Schwab Foundation

“If you’re a ‘Dancing With the Stars’ fan, you’ll love this book about ballroom dancing and how it transformed Patrice Tanaka’s life and made her a happier woman and more successful CEO.”

Ballroom champion, Dancing With the Stars, seasons 1-10

“Within the public relations community Patrice Tanaka is acclaimed for her firm’s outrageously creative marketing campaigns. Not satisfied she was living life to the fullest, she started lessons in ballroom dancing. In her compelling Becoming Ginger Rogers: How Ballroom Dancing Made Me a Happier Woman, a Better Partner and Smarter CEO she reports how she reached stardom in her new-found hobby while morphing her into a more effective manager and boss. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop!”

Founder chairman, Burson-Marsteller

“If you’ve ever thought about learning to ballroom dance, this inspiring book by Patrice Tanaka will convince you to run not walk to your nearest dance studio.”

President, Arthur Murray Dance Studios

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